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"Out beyond all ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.  I'll meet you there."
    -- Rumi

THE PLAYING FIELD is a safe nurturing workshop for aspiring or professional actors, singers,comedians, storytellers, public speakers, writers, performance artists, musicians, magicians,filmmakers, dancers, poets, healers, professors, realtors, lawyers, executives, or ANYONE who wants to PERFORM or COMMUNICATE at a higher level!  If you have a burning desire to express your creativity, find your unique voice, and reach your audience with more authenticity and courage, you'll love THE PLAYING FIELD.

Suzanne Whang has 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry.  She is an accomplished television host, actor, stand-up comedian, writer, keynote speaker, storyteller, songwriter, radio host, metaphysical minister, political activist, teacher, and coach.  Suzanne was the host of HGTV's #1 showHouse Hunters for almost a decade.  She played Polly on NBC's Las Vegas for four seasons.  Suzanne won the Best Up & Coming Comedian Award at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, and the Andy Kaufman Award at the New York Comedy Festival.  Suzanne has a B.A. in Psychology from Yale University and a Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology from Brown University.  She has been immersed in the world of metaphysics for 20 years.  Suzanne is also a stage 4 breast cancer thriverwho miraculously reclaimed her health after being given 6 months to live in 2011.  She is currently writing a book about her journey.  Suzanne has a recurring role on FOX's new hit sitcom The Mick, and she is starring in the hilarious Netflix film, A Weekend With The Family.  She is being featured in the upcoming documentary Laughing All the Way, which chronicles the first Las Vegas Comedy Festival in 2002. 

"Suzanne Whang is a beacon of light that attracts and inspires illuminating artistry.  If life has guided you to Suzanne Whang as a teacher, mentor and/or coach, you have been blessed.  Suzanne believes everyone to be an artist in some way, shape or form.  She will take you beyond what you previously believed you were capable of, and she will do it from a place of pure understanding and love."
    -- Conor Gernandt, Writer, Actor, Poet, Rapper


(Class location at a theater in North Hollywood.  Address provided after you RSVP)

1)  I've been craving a class that is fun and inspiring
2)  I've been looking for an artistic community
3)  I want to start a new dream
4)  I want to resurrect an unrealized dream from my past
5)  I want to polish a dream that's going well, and catapult myself to a new level
6)  I'm sick and tired of thinking "It's too late" or "I'm not good enough," and I'm ready to claim my joy and success

" It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
    -- Albert Einstein

* Ways to reconnect to your childlike wonder and sense of play
* How to break through obstacles that are blocking your creative flow and financial success
* How to find your unique voice as an artist or communicator

"Suzanne Whang is a goddess.  She is a leader in the Los Angeles arts community; a coach and cheerleader in one.  What she has created with The Playing Field is an environment where artists of all kinds feel safe and free and inspired to explore their own impulses and creativity.  I always have SUCH a great time, and I leave feeling refreshed, excited, and empowered!"
     -- Genevieve Joy - Actor, Stand-Up Comedian, Writer

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"With the Playing Field, Suzanne Whang has created a nurturing environment in which anyone whose livelihood or passion involves self-expression and communication can stretch, grow, learn, and improve the overall quality of their work. Suzanne uses her intelligence, experience and incredible intuition to tailor her coaching to each Fieldmate, and she does so with indomitable optimism, enthusiasm, heart, humor, and a sense of adventure.  I can bring something I specifically need or want to work on, or I can request that Suzanne bring something for me to work on.  I once had an audition where I needed to sing and play the Bob Dylan song, "Blowin' In the Wind."  The song is SO iconic and well-known that it was feeling cliché to me, which was a problem.  I brought it to Suzanne and she helped me break down the lyric, line by line. Together, we delved into what each line meant to me; thereby making the song more personal and giving it fresh significance in that new unit of time.  At the audition, rather than just doing a hollow rendition by rote, I was able to sing the song from my heart, with authenticity, and was moved to tears (manly tears, of course).  On another occasion, I asked Suzanne to bring something for me to do in class.  I've been a professional singer and musician my entire adult life, but I also studied acting many years ago.  Sadly, I neglected that pursuit for many years.  Suzanne selected a scene for me to cold-read from "Breaking Bad," where I played Walter White.  I was both nervous and excited about the opportunity to play that role.  I'm perceived as such a laid-back, low-key guy in real life, that most people wouldn't think I could play Walter White, but Suzanne is insightful enough that she saw a deep connection between me and that character.  In fact, selecting great material and spot-on casting for the actors at The Playing Field is one of Suzanne's magical gifts.  While working on the scene, Suzanne encouraged me to tap into my rage and my power, and it led to a huge breakthrough in my work. In fact, it was one of the most satisfying acting experiences I've ever had.  And it is not a coincidence that I now have a theatrical agent for the first time in my life.  That's what the Playing Field is all about:  freedom, fun, exploration, courage, authenticity, reclaiming your power, and manifesting your dreams.  I highly recommend it."
     -- Jeff Vezain - Lead Singer of the Lt. Dan Band, Songwriter, Musician, Actor

"I appreciate Suzanne Whang so deeply.  She is such an important part of my creative life, which is key to my survival.  Her expertise, humor, devoted support and point of view of the world revives people in the same way that she revived herself from stage 4 cancer!  She is a rare and precious gift.  As a regular at The Playing Field for the past year, I have met the most amazing people, seen their work in its glory and messy infancy and witnessed great leaps of creative faith.  In addition to bringing in my own experimental material every Saturday, sometimes the Playing Fieldmates get to jump into each other's scene work.  I love that -- bonus creative time!  It's a safe place to try stuff out.  I often bring in material that feels too unclear or just a sketch of an idea and I get to read, sing, dance it out or just talk about it.  Suzanne meets it with active curiosity, joy and nurturing.  She helps me decipher the threads of growth that I am chasing; she's not teaching any kind of brand-based style, it's individualized personal support for each artist.  Bottom line, she inspires us with a hunger for life, gob-smacking intelligence and her signature sense of humor.  She creates an environment where you feel it's safe to grow."
    -- Cara Pifko - Better Call Saul - Actor, Writer, Singer, Songwriter

"Suzanne Whang is one of the most amazing mentors I've had.  At The Playing Field, she creates an energetic and supportive environment where I could exit my comfort zones and explore new ways of self-expression.  Suzanne has a rare gift for quickly identifying strengths that you may not even know that you have.  I joined The Playing Field with the intent of fine-tuning presentation skills for teaching large lecture courses at a major university.  Instead, and more importantly, she taught me the power of being vulnerable in front of hundreds of students.  Without Suzanne and The Playing Field, I never would have had the courage to share an emotional personal story with my students.  Now, at the end of every term, students tell me that my class is one of their favorites because by making it personal I also made it relevant, and that they appreciate having a professor who is a vulnerable human being, just like them."
    -- Nancy Aguilar-Roca, Professor of Biology, UC Irvine

"The Playing Field is unlike any class or workshop I've attended before. Suzanne has rekindled my love of performing, motivated me to create new art, and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone in front of the group.  In fact, she inspired me to come out of the Cancer Closet.  I was suffering in silence with my breast cancer diagnosis for more than 2 years during my healing journey.  When I heard her story at the Agape Revelation Conference, I knew I had to connect with her.  During my coaching sessions with her, she encouraged me to share my story with fellow Fieldmates, and to my surprise, it was cathartic.  Months later, I summoned the courage to choose a treatment center and start a fundraiser to accelerate my healing process.  Suzanne taught me it is OK to be vulnerable when I need support. The Playing Field is truly a treasure!"
     -- Kiyomi Zenutopia, Artist, Qi Gong Instructor, Energy Healer

"Every once in a while you get the privilege of finding a teacher in this business who doesn't just want to make you a better actor, but wants to make you a better life.  Suzanne Whang is the rare teacher who will stretch your limits and inspire you to grow in ways you never imagined.  She is the most creative and caring teacher I've ever had in this business, and I've been around a long time!  She will help you find every ounce of greatness that is hiding inside; I promise, she'll leave no stone unturned when it comes to making you a better actor, artist or aardvark, whatever you want to be!"
    -- Jack Kennedy, Filmmaker/Actor/Writer

"The Playing Field is one of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles.  I find it deeply nourishing, inspiring, and fulfilling on every level.  Every session is a journey into the depths of our creativity.  I love the exercises Suzanne takes us through, and her coaching is top notch.  No two classes are the same, because Suzanne tailors each session based on her intuition of what will be the most beneficial to everyone that day.  Suzanne attracts fantastic artists to the Field - the kind of people I want to stick in my pocket and take home with me.  Each class is an artful exploration & celebration of our inner brilliance, from the inside out.  Suzanne creates a fun, safe, and sacred space to explore all aspects of creative expression. She is a master at bringing out the artist and genius in anyone willing to show up and be vulnerable.  She guides us to our greater potential with exceptional finesse, sensitivity, and intuitive brilliance!  Suzanne's feedback is invaluable & insightful, and she's the biggest cheerleader for our authenticity.  Her enthusiasm is delightful and contagious.  Suzanne is highly gifted in bringing out the best in every Fieldmate, including talents and abilities we didn't even know we had.  Being at The Playing Field reminds me of being a child on a playground; where imagination has no boundaries and can turn a swing into a rocket ship headed to a far away galaxy!  I highly recommend this fantabulous experience ~ it's a true act of self-love!"
     -- "Presence" Tarika Brandt - Actor, Singer, Healing Arts Practitioner

"In the Playing Field I have found something I never really thought was possible -- a truly supportive environment where I am constantly
encouraged to explore and take creative risks.  The voices of naysayers in my mind are being replaced by Suzanne's voice, saying "YES you can!"  Suzanne's guidance is magical as she fans your creative flames from ashes to a blaze.  In the Playing Field we actually get to PLAY, and we remember the love that drove us into this crazy business in the first place."
     -- Robin Reiser - Actor, Comedian, Writer, Over-Thinker

"Once upon a time I would have said I was a dancer.  Or a writer.  Or a poet.  But after almost 20 years in the corporate tech world, opportunities to express myself dried up and my creativity had atrophied.  Suzanne, sensing there was a void in my life and a light in my eyes that had dimmed, urged me to come to the Playing Field.  Despite my demon voices telling me I was being silly, I went.  And it changed my life.  Having Suzanne come into my orbit was the creative and spiritual re-awakening I so desperately needed.  And she's also encouraged and empowered me to tap into forms of creative expression I didn't even know I had or was capable of.  I tried acting for the first time and I love it!  Who knew?!  Not I! Suzanne's energy is boundless, her passion is infectious.  Her knowledge and expertise is vast and deep.  Suzanne is your loudest cheerleader and most loyal fan.  She's encouraging, supportive, and empowers you to stretch and grow and learn.  I leave every Field session feeling invigorated and with a renewed sense of self.  I am a writer.  I am a poet.  I am a dancer.  I am an actor.  And I am eternally grateful. Thank you, Suzanne."
     -- Krista Vezain - Writer, Poet, Dancer, Actor 

"For anyone who may be fortunate enough to join the creativity game at The Playing Field with coach Suzanne Whang; you are in for a heart-opening, inspired journey to the depths of your talented soul.  Suzanne brings her intuition and enormous capacity as a compassionate guide to actors, singers, writers, and artists of every kind, and helps them find bigger, better, brighter ways of expanding and expressing their creative genius.  Play, explore, communicate, collaborate and conspire to greatness in a class created by an artist - Suzanne is a continuously brave and explosive performer herself in the realms of acting, stand-up, storytelling, and more.  The Playing Field is for any artist -- beginning, intermediate and professional.  All I can say is, if you're thinking about joining her on your own creative journey, don't hesitate!"
     -- Gathering Marbet - Actor, Writer, Spoken Word Artist

"I could write an entire book about how brilliant, creative, knowledgeable and supportive Suzanne Whang is and all that she offers to the amazing array of artists/students she attracts to the Playing Field. But, because Suzanne has inspired me to actually finish the novel I began some years ago and I am happily, deeply into that project, this paragraph will have to suffice for now.  I have never seen myself as a performer.  I had been a student of Tai Ji for many years and had just been asked to teach a workshop that included Tai Ji. Learning to teach Tai Ji was the first project I chose for the Playing Field. The specific coaching and feedback I received was invaluable to both my confidence and my skills when it came time to successfully teach my group.  Once Suzanne coached the writer in me out of the closet and I began to bring sections of my book to class, Suzanne's vast wisdom, knowledge, skills and authenticity have been a constant source of inspiration for me.  I have joyfully watched her bring out the best in all of us."
    -- Carolyn Grothe, Psychotherapist

"Suzanne Whang has the capacity to help unlock my passion and vitality in ways that are magical.  There is an energetic vibration at The Playing Field that allows us to tap into our own inherent creativity.  Suzanne believes in you before you believe in yourself. So many of us have dreams to give our gifts to the world.  Suzanne unties the knots, opens the gifts, and shows us how to shine."
     --  Jann Hoffman, Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant, Singer, Comic

"The Playing Field gives me the opportunity to develop my projects in a safe welcoming environment that embraces exploration.  There are no mistakes or missteps -- it's about process.  Suzanne Whang is an experienced, adept and knowledgeable mentor.  In her class I've found other diverse but like minds who want to explore the boundaries of their creativity.  Whether you are a musician who wants to write a book, an actor who wants to create a solo show, a writer who never spoke his/her thoughts aloud with an audience, or an accountant who wants to try singing for the first time, The Playing Field is the place for you.  My goal is to find out "what's next" for me creatively, and at the Playing Field I make progress that continually surprises me. 

Also, to be exposed to the creative courage of my fellow Fieldmates, ranging from novices to seasoned professionals, inspires me to express myself in a more bold and authentic way.  It is extremely gratifying to walk into new territory of my choosing, and the lessons I learn marinate inside of me throughout the week.  Because of the policy of confidentiality, I know that whatever I share remains private, which gives me the permission to create from a truthful place.

Thanks to Suzanne for being such an encouraging guide through the process of artistic exploration and refinement, within a sacred community.  It's like having the support of a good college professor, showbiz mom, manager, producer, and curious, innocent observer.  I always feel held up and cherished at The Playing Field, and being given the room for experimentation helps me find my footing.  Suzanne leads me to find the joy in shaping the edges of a new idea and refining it.  The Playing Field is invaluable, and I am forever grateful."
     -- Chris Bonno, Actor, Stand-Up Comedian, Painter, Writer, Musician

"I love Suzanne's honesty, support, and always fresh approach at The Playing Field!!!  I am very picky about who I let into my art and creativity, and when I came to The Playing Field, it felt perfectly perfect.  She brings the best blend of wisdom and professionalism to the craft of creating, and encourages me into new ways of going deeper.  Suzanne's résumé and her dedication to the ongoing pursuit of her own career attract the same quality of artists to be drawn to her.  If you are looking to understand more about your art, come see why we all gather at The Playing Field!!!"
     -- Amy Mayne Robinson, Poet, Actor, Writer, Storyteller