I am now completely cancer-free, which is a miracle!  I am overwhelmed by all the love and support (both emotional and financial) that I have received, much of it from people who have never even met me.  I feel blisscombobulated!

Now that I have reclaimed my health, I am still on a journey back to financial abundance.  I was $500,000 in debt after 6 years of cancer treatments not covered by insurance, and the inability to work during much of that time.  Thanks to fundraisers that have been thrown for me, and donations from family/friends/fans all over the world, that debt has been cut in half.

I have thrown my pride and ego out the window, and I'm glad I finally came out of the cancer closet.  

If you are interested in making a donation, any amount really helps ~ not just financially, but it truly boosts my spirit.  

You can either send a check (payable to Suzanne Whang):

Suzanne Whang
P.O. Box 9359
Marina Del Rey CA  90295

Or click the button below.

Thank you, beyond the beyond.

Big gobs of love,