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Sung Hee Park doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I didn't have time, so Sung Hee Park accepted the challenge! Jody Booth ‪#‎ALS‬
  // Post by Suzanne Whang.

An Open Apology to Tit Cancer

Dear Tit Cancer, I'm sorry that I made fun of you mercilessly in stand-up comedy clubs and at spoken word events.  I'm sorry that I made you feel weak.  I'm sorry that I became u…

How I got Oprah to do a show about "The Secret"

This a short version of a long serendipitous story about how I got Oprah to do a show about "The Secret," a documentary about the law of attraction in quantum physics. Yes, every word of it is true.
Now I’ve got an amazing story to tell you, but the first thing you should know is to tape or Tivo “Oprah” this Thursday, February 8th! Here’s the cliff notes version of my stor…