How I got Oprah to do a show about "The Secret"

Feb 05, 2007

Now I’ve got an amazing story to tell you, but the first thing you should know is to tape or Tivo “Oprah” this Thursday, February 8th!

Here’s the cliff notes version of my story:

1) I watched an amazing film called “The Secret,” which is a documentary about the Law of Attraction in quantum physics. I loved it so much, that I spent $3,000 on 100 copies of the DVD to distribute to my family and friends. On October 19th, I also sent the DVD to Oprah Winfrey along with a passionate letter about the film. (If you haven’t seen it or have no idea what I’m talking about, go to to learn more.)

2) On December 4th, Oprah’s chief executive, called me to tell me that she got my package. She had just seen the film over the weekend and loved it so much, she had to call me. She said she never ever calls people who send mail to Oprah because of the sheer volume of mail that Oprah receives every day. She also said that I’m the first person to send Oprah “The Secret,” and that Oprah hadn’t seen the film yet. She said they were leaving for South Africa for 6 weeks, and she would bring the DVD along and make sure that Oprah watched it.

3) Just over six weeks later, I found out that Oprah was going to be taping a show all about “The Secret” on January 31st. Wow! I called Harpo Productions and left messages, asking to come and be in the audience for that show. As of January 29th I hadn’t heard back from anyone, so I booked a flight and a hotel in Chicago for the next day, with total faith that there would be a seat in the audience with my name on it. (I found out later that Oprah gets 6,000 requests per day for audience tickets.)

4) Not only did I get a 2nd row center seat in the audience, I also ended up having dinner with all the panelists from “The Secret” the night before the taping! The show was amazing, and then there was a taping of “Oprah After The Show” for the Oxygen network. During the after-show taping, I got to tell Oprah my whole story, and she confirmed that I was the first person to send her “The Secret”! I also got to have my photo taken with Oprah on stage after the taping was over!

5) Several months ago I scotch taped a photo of myself next to a photo of Oprah and put it in my magical creation box (one of the techniques of consciously using the Law of Attraction), and now I’m going to have an actual photo to replace it!

6) To me, this story is evidence of the power of the Law of Attraction. I’m so glad that I sent this film to Oprah! Television is the most powerful medium in the world, Oprah is the most powerful person on television, and The Secret is the most powerful DVD I’ve seen. It’s so exciting to me that the consciousness of this entire planet is going to raise exponentially on February 8th!!!

7) I have never in my life booked a flight and a hotel across the country with absolutely no invitation in place. But I was absolutely sure that there would be a seat in the audience with my name on it. I had unshakeable faith in that. My intention was pure and clear. I knew what a momentous occasion it was going to be, and I had to be there for it!

8) One of the quotes from “The Secret” is, “When you have inspired thought, you have to trust it and act on it.” That’s what my whole story with Oprah has been!


Thanks for reading this, and I hope you tune in to “Oprah” on Thursday February 8th!

Also, if you get the Oxygen network, tune in to “Oprah After The Show” as well — I’m not sure when they’ll air the after-show from “The Secret,” so keep watching for it!

Blissings, (my new word)


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